7 Reasons why you should consider a Hosted VOIP/UC system for your business

  • 7 Reasons why you should consider a Hosted VOIP/UC system for your business
    If it is time to consider making a switch to a new communication telephone system, most business are taking a hard look at Hosted VOIP/UC systems.   Here are 7 reasons it makes sense to consider this type of solution for your business:
    1. Total Cost of Ownership
    a. Hosted VOIP/UC system typically have a reduced upfront cost, with savings of up to 60% as opposed to typical premise based systems. A typical installation only requires the purchase of IP phones 
    b. Depending on your current Internet connectivity or redundancy needs your business may be able to reduce your connectivity infrastructure down to one circuit for both voice and data
    c. Regularly scheduled maintenance or the need for expensive truck rolls are typically eliminated
    d. System can grow as your business grows. Only buy what you need today and add users as you need them in the future
    2. Simplified Administration
    a. Administration is done easily. Most changes or additions can be done remotely or done via self-help admin portals by your designated administrator
    b. Make simple changes of extension names, ring patterns, or auto attendant modifications in seconds
    3. Features
    a. All the normal phone system features (Caller ID, 3 way Calling, Call Forwarding) are available
    b. Mobility options
    c. Find ME Follow ME features
    d. Voicemails can be delivered to your email
    e. Integrations with most popular CRM applications
    4. Redundancy 
    a. No out of service messages or busy signals. Call can always be routed somewhere else
    b. Redundant at system level
    c. Redundancy plans for Internet or power outages
    d. Redundancy down to the User available
    5. Multi-Site Businesses
    a. Ext to Ext dialing between locations (Free Usage charges)
    b. Transfer calls to other locations or remote users
    c. Single Auto Attendant for multiple locations possible
    d. Time of Day or day of week routing by location
    6. Mobile Features
    a. Receive extension calls on the mobile device
    b. Make outbound calls from mobile that appear as calling from your office phone number
    c. Mobile softphone applications for both IPhone and Android platforms available
    7. Support 
    a. Most issues are resolved within minutes of reporting. 
    b. Support is available 24/7 – 365 days
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