Management Team

Emmet Tydings: CEO/President:  Emmet has 31 years experience in sales, marketing and management of electronics, computer and telecom equipment and services.  Emmet began working at AB&T in 1981 as a  support rep and became president of AB&T Telecom in 2001, and president of AB&T Sales Corp. (the then parent company) in 2004.  Emmet has a BS from Salisbury State University and has authored or co-authored numerous industry articles on Channel Sales,Telecom Services and Cloud Computing.  He has sat on the advisory boards of Qwest, Covad, Level 3, Megapath, Paetec, and others.  Outside of work Emmet is a founding Board member of Suburban Maryland Transportation Alliance, and is married with three daughters.

Glenn Taggart: COO/ Executive Vice President:  Glenn came to AB&T in 1999 after close to ten years in management in the computer manufacturing and peripherals distribution business at Micromatix Distributing, and then Arbor Systems. Glenn has a deep knowledge of telecommunications, network technologies and advises several telecommunication carrier in the area of operations around working with channel partners.  Glenn holds  numerous technical vendor certifications and federal government security clearance.  Glenn oversees all operations at AB&T Telecom.  Glenn is married with two children. 

Mary Phillips, Controller: As the key financial manager at AB&T Telecom, Mary works closely with Emmet Tydings overseeing and administering all financial and accounting aspects of the business.  Mary is assisted by Rick Monarch in finance.  Mary has BS in accounting, and post graduate MIS degree from the University of Maryland. Mary has performed both technical and accounting duties at public and private companies in the role of Controller, CFO and field technical engineer at Rixon, ACC (Advanced Computer Communications) in Santa Barbara, CA, Datalink with a stint in the Grand Cayman, and Genuity who was purchased by Level 3.